A Crack in the WorldA Fish Out of WaterA Sticky Situation
Akumaro SujigaranoAlex HeartmanAntonio
Boxed InBroken DreamsChristmas Together, Friends Forever
Clash of the Red Rangers - The MovieDay OffDayu Usukawa
Deal With a NighlokEmilyEpisodes in Power Rangers Samurai
Erika FongEvil RebornFight Fire With Fire
Forest for the TreesHe Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My BrotherHector David, Jr
Hector David, Jr.I've Got a Spell on BlueJayden
Jayden's ChallengeJuzo FuwaKaoru Shiba
KevinKevin's ChoiceList of Power Rangers: Megaforce episodes
Mako ShiraishiMiaMike
OriginsParty MonstersPower Rangers: Megaforce
Power Rangers: Megaforce (Trivia)Power Rangers SamuraiPower Rangers Samurai- Series Trivia
RangersTogether WikiRoom for One MoreRunaway Spike
Samurai ForeverSamurai Sentai ShinkengerSeries Premise (Megaforce)
Shell GameSomething FishySticks and Stones
Stroke of FateSuper SamuraiTakeru Shiba
Team SpiritTest of the LeaderThe Black Box
The Blue and The GoldThe Bullzord (episode)The Great Duel
The Master ReturnsThe Megaforce RangersThe Rescue
The Sealing SymbolThe ShinkengersThe Strange Case of the Munchies
The Team UnitesThe Tengen GateThe Ultimate Duel
There Go the BridesTrading PlacesTrust Me
Unexpected ArrivalZords
File:180px-Prs-ar-blackbox.jpgFile:220px-Kaoru Shiba.jpgFile:300px-Megaforce cast2.jpg
File:408124 381265755222023 167407076607893 1870752 1843326938 n.jpgFile:599648 386708368056747 858425946 n.jpgFile:660px-16620360-cover-prss.jpg
File:About-the-show-pod.jpgFile:Erika Fong.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Gokaiger-Goseiger-Super-Sentai-199-Hero-Great-Battle-Ouverture.jpgFile:Group.jpg
File:Hector 3147-1-.jpgFile:Logo.jpgFile:MV5BMTY1Nzg3MDQxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjM5MTMzNQ@@. V1. SX214 CR0,0,214,314 .jpg
File:Megaforcelogo.jpgFile:Megapose3.pngFile:PR Samurai logo.png
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Power-Rangers-Samurai.jpgFile:Power-rangers-super-samurai-201-cart-d.jpg
File:Power Rangers Megaforce Official INTROFile:Power rangers megaforce 3rd wallpaper by scottasl-d55hj4a.jpgFile:Pr mf black ranger wallpaper by scottasl-d5h8ef4.jpg
File:Pr mf blue ranger wallpaper by scottasl-d5h8ecm.jpgFile:Pr mf pink ranger wallpaper by scottasl-d5h8e5p.jpgFile:Pr mf red ranger wallpaper by scottasl-d5h8ehv.jpg
File:Pr mf yellow ranger wallpaper by scottasl-d5h8e97.jpgFile:Prm-poster-highres1.jpgFile:Prm logo team.jpg
File:Shinken-vi-juuzo.jpgFile:Spd 20091022162308 b.jpgFile:Ss blue.jpg
File:Ss gold.jpgFile:Ss green.jpgFile:Ss pink.jpg
File:Ss yellow.jpgFile:The Shinkengers (costumed).jpgFile:Tumblr li12zzFZjv1qa7l3po1 500.jpg

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